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How to Add an Image to your Website

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Insert your own Images

You can upload and insert your own images into your website.

To upload an image to your webpages please follow these steps:

  • Go to the webpage you would like to edit
  • Click in the editable area of the webpage where you wish to place the image
  • Click on the ‘insert’ option from the top menu then select ‘image’
  • Browse to the image file that you would like to upload and then click the upload button
  • When the image has been uploaded it will appear in the image file list, you can then select this image by clicking on the file name, a new window will open where you can preview the image.
  • Click on the insert button and the image will be inserted into your webpage
  • You can then preview the webpage and approve the change

If you have difficulty uploading your images this may be occur if the image files are too large in size, if an image file size is too large, it would take too long to load each time a visitor opens the webpage. You can reduce the size of the image using image editing software such as MS Paint before uploading it to your website