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    Please note: Depending on the package you have subscribed to, some of these features may not be available.


    • Change Main Title, Sub Title & Email Address

      SECTION 4

      Change Main Title, Sub Title and Email Address:

      Click on the ‘Change / Edit Template’ link to show the design template. On the next screen click on the 'Change Title' button to change the Title, Slogan/Sub-Title and email address shown on each webpage. The Main Title could be your company name or website name. You may choose to have slogans, phone numbers, promotional information, etc. for your Sub Title. The e-mail address that you enter here will be displayed as a contact link in all the webpages of your site. Please ensure that you adhere to the no. of characters stipulated for each of these titles.

      Change your Website Design:

      This option allows you to change the design template for your website by choosing from a wide range of available design template options. To change your website design simply click on 'Change / Edit Template' then in the next screen click the 'Try another template' button' to select another template from the design gallery. For detailed help on how to change the website design, please refer to Steps 1 to 5 of the Quickstart Wizard in Section 2.

      Optimise your Website for Search Engines:

      It is important that you provide Titles, Descriptions and Keywords to boost the ranking of your pages by search engines. This ensures that whenever a browser searches for the words that feature in your title, description or keywords your website will be returned with higher priority. To optimize your website for Search Engines, just click on the ‘Optimize for Search Engines’ icon in 'Goodies & Addons' which is on the left hand menu in your Website Manager. You can also use this feature to submit your website to Google, Yahoo and Live.com

      Once you click the ‘Search Engine Optimization’ link, the following page is displayed.

      This page allows you to provide meta-tags; titles, descriptions and keywords for each page on your website in order for Search Engines to locate and index your website easily and efficiently as well as submit your website to Google, Yahoo & Live.com search engines.

      Note: The details you enter here cannot be seen on your website. It is only for the purpose of optimizing your site for better results during searches.

      Add/Edit Footer Information:

      The Footer, as you know, will appear at the bottom of all the pages on your website. The Footer can have a maximum of 300 characters spread across a maximum of 4 lines. The Footer may be truncated if it exceeds this limit. Click on the ‘Add/Edit Footer Information’ link on the left hand menu in your website manager to reach the following page.

      What you see above is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) Rich Text Editor. Using this feature-rich editor, you can create an attractive footer for your website. You can either type in the Footer content, or even copy & paste the content from Microsoft Word or other similar applications. For detailed help with the Editor, please click on the ‘Help instructions?’ link, just above the Editor window.

      Incorporate Banner on your Website:

      Click on the 'Add Banner’ link which is in the 'Goodies & Addons' icon in the left hand menu of your website manager to reach the following page.

      The ‘Add Banner’ page allows you to add/change a Banner on your website. You can either upload your own banner or use a third party banner for this purpose.

      When you upload your own banner you need to check the appropriate uploading options based on the hyperlink that you want to provide for the banner.

      If you choose not to give a link to the banner, then you can select ‘No Link’.

      In case you plan to use a third party banner, then you need to paste the HTML code or the hyperlink in the text area of your web page.

      Replace Logo / Change Main Image:

      Click on 'Change / Edit Template' then in the next screen click on '‘Change Images’ button and select 'Choose from Gallery' or 'Use your own image' from the drop down menu. If you select 'Choose from Gallery' all you need do is click on the image you wish to use and then approve the change

      If you selected 'Use your own Image' the following page allows you to replace the existing image(s) on your website with any of your own images of your choice. The Main Image currently appearing on your website and the corresponding Plain Background Image are displayed on this page for your reference.

      Choose the 'simple option' if you do not want to change your image after it has been uploaded

      Step 1: Browse to your image and then click 'Upload' (The image must be similar dimensions to the design Main Image that you are replacing - if this is not the case you will receive a pop up message informing you that the image must be x pixels by y pixels in size).

      Step 2: Once your image is uploaded you can select the area that you wish to use or re-size the image. When you are ready click submit

      Step 3: You can select from a number of effects to integrate your image into the design, just click on the options that are offered or click to view 'more options'.

      Step 4: Preview the design and click the 'Approve' button to finish.

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