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  • SECTION 3:Website Manager

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  • Section 1 Login

  • Section 2 Quickstart Wizard

  • Section 3 Website Manager

  • Section 4 General Settings

  • Section 5 Creating Pages

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  • SECTION 3:Website Manager

    After you complete the Quickstart Wizard, the page that will displayed on every subsequent login is the Website Manager.

    The Website Manager allows you to quickly add, edit, rearrange or delete the pages on your website. You can even change the page type (that is from a text page to a shop page or photo album page etc).

    To Rename a page name:

    Just click on the rename pages link and retype the new page name.

    To Add a new page:

    Just click on the ‘Add a New Page’ link then enter the name for your new page and click the submit button.

    To Delete a Web Page:

    Just click the ‘Delete’ link

    To Re-arrange or Re-order the Web Pages:

    Just click on the ‘rearrange Pages / Subpages’ then click the ‘Up’ button to move that page up the list or click the ‘Down’ button to move the page down the list.

    To Edit or Modify the Content on a Web Page

    Just click on the corresponding ‘Edit’ link.

    To change the Page type to another Page type:

    Just click on the 'Edit' link then confirm that you would like to proceed to change the current page type to a shop, form or photo album page, etc. The following page loads, allowing you to choose from among the available page types.

    Text Page for pages containing just rich text content with photos, images, tables, etc (Goodies can only be used on Text pages) .

    Form Page for pages that request visitors to enter data in a custom form such as a contact form

    Under Construction for those pages where you want to just display the “Under Construction” message

    Page name with No Link for pages which are unfinished and therefore not to be displayed or linked to from the Main Navigation


    Shop page for shop pages with storefront, shopping cart, etc. with or without payment gateway, for e-commerce websites and online shops


    Photo Album for creating an attractive online photo gallery and slideshow where you can upload your photos and make them available for your website visitors to see.


    Guest Book which allows you to create an online guest book for your visitors so that they can leave a message or comment for about your website, etc.

    External Link link to a page that is available on another website on the Internet or to a document or page on your own website

    Stand-alone page A page which does not appear on your main navigation menu, you can link to this page via a text link in your webpages if you prefer

    Please refer to Section 5 for details on how to create these individual page types once you change the page type here.

    To Convert a Main Link to a Sub Link and vice versa:

    Just click on the 'rearrange Pages / Subpages' link then click on the checkbox marked 'Change Main Page to Sub Page & Vice Versa' then click on the arrows that appear to alternatively convert a Main Navigation to a Sub Navigation and vice versa.

    To Preview the Website

    Just click on the ‘Preview’ button. This option allows you to Preview your website to see exactly how it would appear before publishing it on the Internet. You can preview your website at any time during your website building process to immediately check and see how your recent changes will look on your final website. The Preview opens in a new window (ensure pop ups aren't blocked) so you can always continue working with the Website Manager.

    Note: What you see in a Preview is still not part of your live website. You will need to Publish it to make it live for your visitors to see on the Internet.

    To Publish the Website:

    Just click on the ‘Publish’ link. This will publish the entire website on the Internet. Publish Website’ allows you to publish and make live all the recent changes that you have made to your website, making it available for all your visitors to see on the Internet. You can always Preview your website to see how it would actually appear before publishing it on the Internet. In case you have problems publishing your website, just contact the support desk for help with this feature.

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