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  • Section 1 Login

  • Section 2 Quickstart Wizard

  • Section 3 Website Manager

  • Section 4 General Settings

  • Section 5 Creating Pages

  • Section 6 Wizards and Editors

  • Section 7 Account Settings


    This User Manual is designed to provide you with a comprehensive description of the various features of the Website Builder and a detailed step-by-step help for performing the various operations of the website building process.

    This User Manual is broadly divided into the following 7 sections:

    Section 1: Login Section

    2: Quickstart Wizard Section

    3: Website Manager Section

    4: General Settings Section

    5: Creating Pages Section

    6: Wizards & Editors Section

    7: Account Settings

    Please note: Depending on the package you have subscribed to, some of these features may not be available, please contact your service provider if you would like to subscribe to a package that has additional features.


    Once you register successfully, your Password will be sent to the Email address that you provided in the Sign Up form. You can login to the Website Builder to create, edit and publish your website right away. You can login to the Website Builder by entering your Username and Password in the LOGIN page that appears when you click on the ‘LOGIN’ link available in your welcome email.

    Your first login - Quick Start Guide

    When you login to Website Builder for the first time, you will be taken through the ‘Quickstart Wizard’. This wizard enables you to build a basic website framework in minutes in just a few steps. Once you complete the Quickstart Wizard, from the next login, you will be taken directly to the Website Manager, which allows you to add more pages and/or modify and add content to existing pages.

    Subsequent Login - The Website Manager

    Once you complete the Quickstart wizard, from your next login, you will only be taken to the ‘Website Manager’ (see screenshot below). Your Website Manager has links to all the tools and features that you need to build, modify, edit, preview or publish your website. The Website Manager allows you to create, edit and manage pages on your website. Please refer to Section 3 for details on using the Website Manager.

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